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Tsubasa World Program

Tsubasa World is a unique Japanese Language program for children. In a no-stress environment your child will easily learn a language that is high in demand, and position herself for success in life and career. If you are a parent who cares for the happiness and well-being of your child, you should stop pushing them in the rat race. In today's competitive environment even a score of 95% does not guarantee college admission or success later on in life! So, instead of seeing your child stressed out you should now focus on giving them skills that will directly improve their chances of professional success. Tomorrow, wherever they are or whatever your do, your child will benefit from learning one of the most in demnand International languages - Japanese!
The Secret Key to a Happy Successful Career!

Why should your child learn Japanese?

It is one of the most in demand foreign languages. Knowing the language has many benefits. Watch this video to find out.

Inside Tsubasa World

A stress free learning environment designed to inspire and encourage children.
Tsubasa World is a Happy Language Education Program. In a no stress environment, your child will learn a skill that will be of use throughout the life!
Your child in 3 years

The Japanese magic!

Greater chances of foreign university admissions, scholarships, and top jobs in global companies

Find out how you can secure your a happy career for your child!