World belongs
to every child!

Tsubasa World is a fun filled online platform that lets every child get an overseas study experience and prepare for a successful career.

It's a beautiful world! Explore it.


Experience living and studying overseas

Global exposure is a key part of education. We learn as much from the world around us as from the books we read.

Tsubasa World is a unique online environment which gives the child an experience of living and studying in a foreign country. Through daily tasks and activities the child learns about different cultures, history, languages, and higher education and career opportunities in those countries.

Inspiring mentors from all over the world

In Tsubasa World the child learns from the best teachers and mentors from all over the world.

Lessons, activities, and projects just like attending a study exchange program. These teachers not just share knowledge but also provide insights into the culture and history of their countries.

Foundation for future success

Tsubasa World program inspires the children to aim for a global career.

Today we work with people from all over the world. There are many opportunities available for children who are aware and well prepared. Tsubasa World gets them ready at the right age!

Tomorrow whether the child is applying for a higher studies scholarship or competing for an international job the Tsubasa World experience will give him an edge.

Overseas study experience for every child!

With Tsubasa World every child can experience the joy of living and studying in a foreign country.

Live Overseas

Tsubasa World platform provides global exposure that prepares your child for living overseas. In future whether it is for higher education or a job the child will feel right at home in the world!

Higher Education Scholarships

The Tsubasa World online study tours include sessions with career counselors and experts from world's best universities and colleges. Child will get to know how to prepare for coveted scholarships.

High Paying Jobs

Global exposure provided in Tsuabsa World will give the child an edge when competing for international jobs and assignments. Sessions with industry experts will guide and motivate the child.

Intellectual Development

Exposing a young mind to a new environment, new culture and new ideas is a guaranteed way to promote intellectual curiosity and boost the child's development.

Global Awareness

In today's globally connected world those do not know how to work with people from other countries, get left behind. Tsubasa World study tours help make the child a true Global Citizen!

Self confidence and Life skills

Exploring a big beautiful world fills the child with hope, optimism and self confidence. Tsubasa World study tours help develop confidence, communication and other life skills.

Give Tsubasa World to your students

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