Japanese Edge
For your child

Tsubasa World is a unique fun filled online program that teaches children Japanese Language and prepares them for the globally recognized Certification by the Japanese Government. Students who learn Japanese gain an edge in higher education scholarships and high paying international jobs.

One Certification - Success for Life

Knowing Japanese language opens doors for a lifetime of professional success for your child.

Your child's education is incomplete without the communication skills for today's global world.

Knowing an international language which is in high demand gives a great edge to the child. Now it is possible to give this edge to your child with the help of Tsubasa World.

The Tsubasa World Program will prepare your child for the globally recognized Japanese Language Certification provided by the Japanese Government.

Imagine - Your child earning her first Global Certification while still in school!

Knowing the Japanese Language and having this global certification will give your child an edge in future - whether applying for higher education scholarships overseas or looking for jobs in multinational companies like Sony and Honda.

Japanese Langauge - Benefits for life!

In Tsubasa World your child will learn from global educators and build a strong foundation for future success!

Live Overseas

Knowing Japanese will open doors to living and working in world's top economies. Language skills is one of the primary requirements for getting a residency visa in the world. If your child will know Japanese, these doors will automatically open for her.

Higher Education Scholarships

Every year Japanese Government offers thousands of higher education scholarships. One of the key requirement for these scholarships is some knowledge of Japanese language. Your child can study in world's top universities without spending any money at all!

High Paying Jobs

Knowing a foreign language like Japanese gives on an average a 20% salary increase compared to others. Japanese companies are some of the world's biggest organizations present all over the world. People who know Japanese get preference and more opportunities.

Intellectual Development

It has been scientifically proven that learning a foreign language increases the brain's intellectual power. Learning a foreign language uses new ares of brain that are otherwise left undeveloped. Children who learn a foreign language also do better on Maths and Science.

Global Awareness

Today, we live in a globally connected world. Those who are not aware of other cultures and do not know how to work with people from other countries, get left behind. Teaching your child Japanese will expand her horizons and make her a true global citizen.

Self confidence and Life skills

Self confidence is the key to success in life. However, the competitive educational envrironment puts the child under tremendous pressure. Learning a new language and gaining this certification at a young age will boost your child's slf confidence like nothing else!

Let's look inside Tsubasa World

World's only Japanese Program especially designed for school children!

Best and most inspiring teachers!

Tsubasa World Program is run by expert Japanese Tutors from Tokyo, Japan.

The teachers have decades of experience teaching Japanese to foreign students. The lessons are specifically designed for school age children.

When your child learns Japanese from these teachers, she will also learn about the Japanese culture and society. It will broaden her horizons and inspire her to achieve more in the world!

Stress Free - Designed like a game

Tsubasa World is the World's First Japanese Language Program that is tailor made for school age children.

The program is delivered in an online interfactive fun filled environment which is almost like a game. Your child will play the rold of a foreign student in Japan who takes up various challenges and learns the language through them.

A couple of hours a week in Tsubasa World will not only teach your child Japanese but also provide an outlet for stress release and relaxation.

Globally Recognized Certifications

Tsubasa World Program is designed to help the children achieve the globally recognized Japanese Language Proficiency Certification. The certification is provided by the Japanese Government and is officially recognized all over the world.

During school years, the child's mind is most fertile and therefore best suited to learning Japanese language. Spending a little time every week will build a foundation for future success.

Imagine! Even before your child passes out of school she will already hold one of world's most in demand qualifications! This certification carries great value for higher education and international jobs.

Give Tsubasa World to your students

Find out how to offer the Tsubasa World Global Program to your students.

Japanese will give your child a huge edge in the world

Japanese companies have a strong presence all over the world. More than 5000 Japanese companies have their offices in India. This presence will increase further in the coming years.

All these companies and projects require people who can play a bridging role between India and Japan. Knowing Japanese will put your child in the ideal position to meet this demand.

Not just India, Japanese multinationals like Sony, Honda Motors and Mitsubishi are present all over the world, in all sectors. That makes Japanese one of the most in demand business languages in the world.

School years is the best time to learn a foreign language

It has been proven now that learning a new language is much easier early on in life. School years is the most suitable period for this.

Later on in life many people try to pick up a new language, but struggle in doing so. While in school, the mind is fresh and the child can learn when other demands are few.

Spending a couple of hours on Tsubasa World is just like playing a game! Your child will enjoy, have fun and also work towards earning one of the most in demand certifications in the world.

It will become easier to get International Scholarships for Higher Studies

Every year Japanese Government and organizations give away thousands of scholarships for higher studies. Japanese universities are recognized among the best in the world.

One of the requirements for these scholarships is a basic knowledge of Japanese language. If your child learns the language at an early age, she will have a big edge when it comes to winning awards like this.

Instead of spending lakhs on education in countries like Australia and Canada, your child can study in a Top 3 World Economy at zero cost!

Japanese Language opens doors to high paying international jobs

Japan is one of the Top 3 economies in the world. Japanese companies are market leaders in several fields.

Japan has a massive presence not just in India, but all over the world. All these factors make Japanese a very important language of the business world.

Knowing Japanese will make it easier for your child to get high paying jobs, overseas assignments and promotions. This is a skill which once learnt will have returns throughout life.

Your child will gain confidence and become a true global citizen

Isn't it every parent's dream to see her child become a true global citizen? Someone who has the confidence and ability to do well anywhere in the world!

When your child learns Japanese and gains the Certification while still in school, she will become a much more confident person. One success leads to another!

Learning a language will expand her world and open doors to many great opportunities.

Give Tsubasa World to your students

Find out how to offer the Tsubasa World Global Program to your students.